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Getting First door step to Started

A. Is an Udyogutpadan Procurement Hub right for me?

It is right for you provided you have reached a stage in business when you can sell in volume and sell a number of products in one or more categories. You also need to become a seller first, a verified ID and payment method of account to be eligible for an Udyogutpadan online Procurement Hub.

1. Why should I sell with Udyogutpadan Procurement Hub ?

Register as seller on and you have immediate access to millions of buyers across the country with delivery options in 11500+ pin code. Your store remains open 24x7 and you can get order at any time. You do not have to find customers and can instead focus on managing your online store and do it from anywhere.

2. How do I register myself as a seller on Udyogutpadan Procurement Hub ?

The process is simple enough. Simply navigate to http: Link add and details in the form page that opens up before you. Submit the form and contacts you to take the process ahead to make you a seller on Hub. Please make it Link as per mention link add : http: link draft as per herewith attached file . ( Must add our Logo)

3. What are the charges of Sell on Udyogutpadan Procurement Hub program?

You do not have to pay any upfront fees or charges for registering as a seller on Setting up your storefront on the marketplace is free. You only pay when your product is sold and buyer makes payment.

4. Who can sell on Procurement Hub? has defined criteria about eligibility of people who wish to sell on You must be a OEM's / wholesaler / Distributor / Dealer / retailer must be registered as a business with PAN, GST and bank account in business name. Only sellers who sell genuine and brand new products are permitted. Second hand, used, refurbished or counterfeit knock off product suppliers are not permitted.

5. What products can I sell on

Udyogutpadan has various product categories such as Consumer electronics, in particular, Project Maintenance-Repair-Operations, Safety, Electrical, Lighting, Cleaning & Housekeeping, Office Stationary & Supplies, Power Tools and many more Udyog essentials. where sellers can sell on Where sellers and consumers meet and explore the business opportunities of online trading Hub.

6. I don't have a website, can I still sell on

There is no need for a seller to have a website in order to sell on udyogutpadan marketplace. In fact, when you register as seller on Udyogutpadan you do not even need a website. You will be kept quite busy with orders through Udyogutpadan.

On-boarding of Selling Hub

7. How does selling on work?

You first initiate the process of registration and then receive approval. Once approved you have to upload and list your products in specific categories applicable to your products. Your storefront appears on udyogutpadan. Buyers searching for products find your listing. If they place an order udyogutpadan informs you and then you ship it. Once customer receives product Udyogutpadan remits money to your account minus its charges.

8. What is the guarantee that I will get business?

If your product is saleable and if there is a demand in the market for the products then you can rest assured that you will receive orders after becoming a seller on Udyogutpadan. Over 4500 products are sold per day in various categories. Udyogutpadan is one best material procurement of the rank ecommerce platforms of India.

9. What documents I require to start selling on

If you wish to sell on Udyogutpadan you must have a proprietary/partnership or private limited company registered with authorities. You need to furnish PAN card of the company, its GST registration certificate and details of bank account along with ID proof and other documents that may be needed to complete the registration process.

10. How do I list my products on

Listing involves uploading good images of product along with descriptive write up. You can do it on your own. Udyogutpadan also offers assistance to create the listing. You can log into your account and use the dashboard to carry out listing operation.

11. Can Udyogutpadan help in capturing the images for the catalogue ?

If you cannot photograph products and write content then you can take help from Udyogutpadan panel of photographers and content writers to create product listing. They may even handle our team uploading listing for you.

Selling your Products

12. When can I start selling?

You first need to register and then submit required documents. These will be verified and you will receive approval. Once you get approved as a seller you can upload lists of products and your online store goes live on Udyogutpadan. Buyers searching for products like yours will see your listing.

12. (A) Do I need a list of minimum number of items?

You can list just one item if you wish. There is no upper limit to number of items you can list.

13. How will I get paid? What is the payment cycle?

Udyogutpadan pays its sellers through direct NEFT transfers to registered bank account. It has Three payment cycles per month. New sellers receive payment a ten days after delivery is made to the buyer. As you increase business then your payment period is shortened.

14. How do I manage the Orders?

You can manage orders using your mobile phone and the Udyogutpadan seller app. You can use desktop computers and log into your seller account and click manage orders tab in the dashboard. You can execute new orders and you can track shipped orders as well as returns and paid orders.

15. Can I sell outside India through

Sellers registered on Udyogutpadan can only well within the Union Territory of India. You cannot execute orders received from foreign buyers.

16. Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription. Log into your account and click on the link to initiate the cancellation process. All orders must be executed and if there are pending issues these must be settled for the account to be closed.

17. If I list my products on, will the customer know that he or she is purchasing from me on

Buyers certainly know who they are buying from on the Udyogutpadan platform. Udyogutpadan clearly shows the seller’s name alongside the product on its page. The invoice and packing list will also show your name as the seller of the product.

18. How can I check my order status?

Buyers can easily check order status. Log into your account on Click on orders and then you will see track order button. Click on it to see order status.

19. How can I cancel my order?

Log into your account and pick order and you will see details of order displayed on the page with option to cancel the order. Click on it and the process starts. You receive confirmation by mail / SMS and if you have made payment refund process is initiated.

20. How can I return/replace an item?

Log into your account and clicks on manage orders and then cancel it. Udyogutpadan courier will pick up the item from your address. You need to keep intact outer packaging and inner wraps as well as labels. You can initiate a request for return/replacement within seven days of receiving the product according to Udyogutpadan easy return policy. You can also initiate request for returns/replacement through Udyogutpadan help center where clicking the appropriate question opens a page with a button that you click. You then log in and follow the process. Click https://www.udyogutpadan/helpcenter. (Will give you link help center details tomorrow)

21. When can I expect refund for my returned item?

First Udyogutpadan waits for your returned item to be received at their end. They then inspect it within two days. If your claim is valid they will initiate refund. Refund is made the same way you made payment and duration may vary according to the payment mode.

22. What are the different modes of payment available?

Buyers have options of cash on delivery, using e-gift cards and various channels such as credit/debit card, credit card EMI and net banking.

23. What about my branding?

Udyogutpadan uses its own brand packaging material and boxes. The invoice and packing slip, however, show your name as seller of the product.

24.How will you bill me for Fulfillment by Udyogutpadan ?

fees are deducted from gross payment received towards sale of a product and net amount is credited to seller’s account.

25. Do you use a minimum weight or the actual weight of products shipped using

Minimum chargeable weight is 500 grams and Udyogutpadan uses exact weight for shipping cost calculation. If your product weighs 800 grams then it will charge cost of 500 grams i.e. Rs 60 and then proportionate amount for 300 grams.

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