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    What Do The Affiliate Links Symbols Mean On The Find Products Page?

    There are Affiliate Links symbols located on the Find Products Page that provide the user with more information about the Seller and the product. To find out what each symbol means hover over the symbol and the information will pop up.

    The following information is available when it applies to a product.

    Recurring Product
    Product is part of a Sales Funnel
    Linked Affiliate Contest
    Premium Seller
    Product of the Day

    Affiliate Stats Are Displayed In Increments.

    Sales stats are displayed for affiliates once a sale is 60 to 90 days past the purchase date.

    Stats are displayed in the following increments: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500.

    You can view or download your transaction history on the transactions page here.

    When you make a request to promote Udyog Utpadan will information about your account and transaction history.

    Once an affiliate is approved, Udyog Utpadan will continue to see the Affiliate’s stats on the Your Affiliates page under the Sellers tab here. Having the ability to view Affiliate stats will assist Sellers in determining if/when to take Affiliates off Delayed payments or even when to place them back on Delayed if there’s a sudden increase in refunds.

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