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It’s all about one point solution of UDYOG UTPADAN PROCUREMENT online Hub, We are an Asia-based e-Commerce company intensively an exclusive widest range towards B2B & B2C Procurement of UDYOG UTPADAN supplies, Udyog Utpadan aims at providing a hassle-free, enjoyable & less time procurement, shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its procurement online Hub. The brand is making a conscious effort to bring the power of UDYOG UTPADAN to shoppers with an array of the latest and update market Technical philosophy products available in the country.


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Online Udyog Utpadan do with the globe marketplace proactively hopping onto the global bandwagon, we at udyogutpadan.com, focus to administer passionately strive for a comprehensive revolution in the Udyog supply operations across the globe. While our mission is to tide over the bridge between B2B and B2C merchants and consumers, our vision is to be the best administrative documents the development of an exclusive digital-trade ecosystem, tailor-made to satisfy the diverse needs of buyers and sellers. our value is our respective consumer’s value of their satisfaction a consumer feels after making online purchase products and services experience

Discover Udyog Utpadan Journey

Gets launched as online marketplace merchant by Ravendu Kansara in India. He is Founder / CEO
Attracts first investor, Power Tools , and receives $1 million investment
Gets $2 million more as Personal investment bandwagon
Gets $1 million more as Personal investment bandwagon
JAN 2021
Cross 300 + Sellers in Marketplace

Meet Our Leaders

Ravaendu Kansara


Founder – CEO

Ravendu Kansara

He has Diploma Mechanical Engineering from Jamnagar with IT Certification Course from Vadodara,

With over a decade of international experience in overseas Udyog arena, Ravendu.Kansara funded Udyog Utpadan online procurement concept in 2017.

In the field of International operations, he had experience of Nine years geared towards learning the technology –with processing, learning how to build world-class products virtual platform and working as a team Leader. It was a high energy environment where he gained well-rounded experience across his project, team and technology.

Apart from this, he has an extensive experience in strategy management, supply chain management, product management and operations management in technology industry in India / Fiji / Europe. He currently holds 6 patented companies and have partnered with quite a few early stage start-ups and associating with 8 high-end projects.



Jr. Hiya K

Marketing Head

Divya Kansara

CEO Founder

Co- Founder 

Divya Ravendu Kansara

She has an experience of over 10 years in the field of Computer & Finance Management and Private Operational Advisory Business.

She has BCom & in Computer Science from VNSGU College of Engineering and completed her Graduation and PGDCA from VNSGU.

Her professional career began with the role of a computer and Finances consultant in the reputed firm, Laxmi krupa Diamond, located in Surat Gujarat, India.


There after she pursued her dream of founding the Online E-commerce hub UDYOG UTPADAN

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